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prof. danelle guthrie // fall 2010

Live/work space for artisans shares resources with a larger production facility in the same industry, offering a high level of specialized knowledge and creativity in return.

In this ceramics fabrication center, a set of live/work dwellings for artisans front a shared outdoor courtyard while being nestled within a small-scale commercial fabrication space.

Artisan workshops and the larger production facility share service and circulation corridors coming and going from a shared kiln room/cogeneration plant. Work areas are separated from a public access store/cafe and outdoor plaza by an iconic curved wall.

The facility is sited on the corner of a mostly vacant superblock in Petaluma, CA, to propose the development of an event/exhibition space and public plaza on a remnant parcel unused since the street grid was altered in 1890 to accomodate a new bridge. render upload.jpg

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